Welcome To Ebedi Microfinance Bank Limited

Ebedi Microfinance Bank Nig. Limited which was formerly Ebedi Community Bank was incorporated on 30th January, 1998 via Registration Number 326947.

The Bank was issued a provisional license 2191 by the then National Board for Community Banks (NBCB) on 31st May, 1995 but actually commenced full Banking Operations on 15th September, 1995.

The Bank got its final license from Central Bank of Nigeria on 25th May, 2004 with Certificate Number 000508.

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Ebedi Microfinance Bank Limited

Savings Account

Savings Account is a high interest bearing account for individuals designed to enable saving towards a specific target.

Current Account

Current Account is for business organization with access to a world of convenience financial possibilities.


We offer loan as a working capital for entrepreneurs with existing businesses to help them boost their business.

Fixed Deposit

Fixed Deposit is for individual with capital to invest while earning a higher rate of interest over a fixed term.

Loan Grant

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Our Services

  • Agriculture

    We recognise the need to support agricultural companies, accelerate growth and productivity to increase their efficiency.

  • Trade and commerce

    Our relationship with businesses across the Trade and Commerce sector ensures we understand their needs and enables us to stay ahead of this continually evolving sector.

  • Manufacturing

    We are committed to our role as a financial institution in supporting your business with our focus on sustainability and growth and success of your business.

  • Transport and Communication

    We work with businesses in this sector by offering a diverse range of financial products to meet the financing needs of each of them.

  • Food processing

    We support businesses to become state of excellence in food processing. We offer access to finance, Collaboration and Advisory services that directly raise industry performance.

  • Health Care

    Health Care is important for success of daily activities. We offer support loan for your emergency health care services

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